Recently we told you about the neo-Nazi who is leading an armed vigilante border patrol in Arizona. He says America's immigration laws are a joke. So what did he think of yesterday's SB 1070 ruling in Arizona? We asked him.

Jason "JT" Ready and his crew of heavily armed white men have been running patrols in the deserts of Arizona trying to stem the flow of "narco terrorists" into the country. Local law enforcement isn't so excited about that, but there's little they can do by law. However, JT recently told the AP that if the border were secured: "We'll put our guns back on the shelf, and that'll be the end of that."

Yesterday, US District Judge Susan Bolton ruled that "requiring Arizona law enforcement officials and agencies" to check the status of everyone they suspect of being illegal won't fly, which pissed off a lot of people. So we dropped JT a line to get his thoughts on Judge Bolton's ruling, and he had some choice words:

I had a landmark firearms rights and false arrest case with the dishonorable Susan Bolton years ago. My team of attorneys at that time pushed beyond her tyrannical ruling and the case was heard by the 9th Circuit Court of appeals, thus setting precedence in my case on behalf of all citizen's rights. Then, as now, I will march forward past this traitor's assinine ruling. The US Border Guard volunteer Border Rangers AKA 'Ready's Rangers', will keep patrolling the Sonoran desert for Narco-terrorists and securing the border. That's what we do. The dangerous job nobody else is willing to do. Perhaps S. Bolton should step her ass outside the air-coditioned courtroom sometime and see what is really happening as Rome burns and barbarians with AK-47's are in gun battles twenty miles from the gates of Phoenix. What happens on the border does not stay on the border. Narco-terrorism is coming to a town near you. But over my dead body first! [emphasis mine]

-JT Ready Patrol Leader USBG

Enemy at the gates of Phoenix! Barricade the strip malls! Every (white/aryan/non-Jewish) man for himself!

Regardless of yesterday's outcome, racist groups like "Ready's Rangers" and other hard right advocates of racial profiling laws would not have been satisfied. And it's hard to imagine what would work for them, short of deporting every non-white person from the United States.

And as the remaining portions of Arizona's immigration law go into effect today, Arizona is challenging the ruling and this whole thing is far from over.