Dominique Cottrez of France has confessed to suffocating eight newborns and burying them in her backyard. The mother of two says she didn't want more children but didn't want to take the pill either.

The way the crime was discovered is pretty shocking, too. The people who moved into her old house in the town of Villers-au-Tertre found two bags of bones buried in the yard and contacted police. When they tracked down Cottrez, she admitted there were six more bags hidden on the property.

Not that killing children isn't a monstrous crime, but don't you think that if you're burying bodies behind the house that you might want to, you know, keep the house? She will stay in custody to undergo psychiatric testing and her husband, who she says never knew of the pregnancies or the deaths, will be released, although he may still be charged with failure to report a crime.