Lindsay Lohan once recorded a song "from daughter to father" saying her deadbeat dad broke her heart. Four years later and with his daughter conveniently in jail, Michael's got a response: a horrifying cringeworthy muzak tribute to "daddy's little girl."

[There was a video here]

Lindsay's lawyer says she's "writing a lot" and "creating art" in jail, which apparently caused a light bulb to turn on in Michael Lohan's head: He, too, has been incarcerated before. And he, too, "created art" there, lyrics to a song about the beloved eldest daughter. Now, with the aid of a friend's vocal talent, he has produced his hard-knock poetry into a synthesized seizure of a cringeworthy tribute to the beloved daughter who has repeatedly threatened to get a restraining order against him. "A father's love will never die / See things through / No matter the reasons why."

I can't decide if this man is a stalker-y scourge or an entertaining jester to the tabloid world. [TMZ]