Remember the episode of Saved By the Bell when the gang went to Hawaii? Now imagine that climatic luau, but picture it on the moon. Thanks to artist Ryan V. Brennan and smartwater, that's what Gawker HQ's rooftop looked like on Tuesday night for the Gawker Artists Purora party. Recap, gallery, and video below.

Summertime is a special thing here at Gawker HQ. The skirts get shorter, the Polos get more pastel and eventually someone breaks out a Snuggie because of the sub-thermal air conditioning. Fortunately, we have access to an amazing roof deck to which we can retreat when we need to thaw out.

And on Tuesday, we did more than thaw out. smartwater and Gawker Artists—the art program that makes our site (and our office) look so hot—invited multi-sensory artist Ryan V. Brennan to transform our rooftop into a glowing, pulsing spectacle as part of a special one-night-only installation and performance called Purora.


Decked out with large panels depicting the twinkling, acid inspired space scenes of our dreams, our roof became the perfect summer playground for throngs of Wayfarer-wearing guests who boozed, schmoozed and stuffed themselves silly on lobster salad, spicy bites of steak, and pesto mozzarella balls. Those of us with a little foresight chugged bottles of smartwater in between glasses of wine and beer—after all, we did have to be in some kind of shape for work the next day.

As the sun set, the band Unsolved Mysteries took their places in the middle of the crowd. Electronic beats, coupled with a live snare echoed off the roof, keeping time with thousands of twinkling purple lights. To quote one non-English speaking guest who agreed to be interviewed, "Great, party, people,, light, rooftop."


Yeah, that about sums it up. It was so awesome, even party king Zack Morris would have been jealous. Thanks to our friends at smartwater and Gawker Artists for a fantastic night!