In a candid interview with Slate, Phoebe Prince's father is surprisingly compassionate towards her daughter's bullies. On Today, correspondents rehash the story of Phoebe Prince's suicide and the potential effects that her father's recent interview could have.

After Phoebe hanged herself in January, 6 of her teenage classmates were charged with felony. Investigators learned that she was subject to relentless bullying and torture, which they peg as the reason of her suicide. However, court documents reveal that Phoebe had a troubled past, characterized by self-mutilation and another suicide attempt.

Mr. Prince claims that he is aware of the pressure that young people sometimes feel to go along with bullying others, and he does not want these charges to ruin the rest of their lives. "An apology would go a long way," Mr. Prince says. "If they confessed to the court and said they were sorry, I'd appeal to the court for total leniency."

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