Today at Gawker.TV, Jimmy Fallon performs a "double rainbow" song as Neil Young, Futurama gets stuck traveling forward in time, naked people with cats, and Ron Livingston may be the only person alive that doesn't like Paul Rudd.

Ron Livingston May Be the One Person Who Doesn't Like Paul Rudd
How can this possibly be? He lost the role of Anchorman's Brian Fantana and the lead in Dinner for Schmucks to Rudd, and also an intense poker game some time ago. Yeah, that'll bruise a man's ego.

Futurama Gets Even More Futurama-ey with Trip to the Year 1,000,000 1/2
Futurama loves to play with time travel, even at the expense of making any sense. Tonight Fry and company traveled ever further in time to discover a backwards time machine. It'll make sense if you watch the clip.

Jimmy Fallon Resurrects Youthful Neil Young to Haunt You with Double Rainbow Ballad
The odd-looking viral-vid-loving Neil Young returned to Late Night last night to perform a haunting rendition of "Double Rainbow". In the cottage industry that sprang up for Double Rainbow song parodies, this one might be the best.

Kathie Lee Compares Overweight Naked Couple to Jay Leno and His Wife
Today's fourth hour anchors spent time looking at Awkward Family Pet Photos. Good ol' Kathie Lee insisted that this naked couple with cats looked like Jay and Mavis Leno, as Hoda just gasped, a little shocked at her co-host's statement.

Bearded Paul Rudd Wildly Overpays for the Tooth Fairy
Sorry ladies (and interested dudes), Paul Rudd's already married with 2 kids, and on the The Late Show, he elaborated on his tooth fairy excess and how he might have ruined other children's fantasies forever. Way to go, Rudd.