Last night, we met the contestants on the new season of Project Runway. At first, I was tied between who I wanted to win: Do I love the awkwardly funny, Puerto Rican, Casanova? Or the 50-year-old Peach? Decision inside.

At first I was charmed by Casanova's inadequate pronunciation, but loved Peach's sass and confidence.


However, Peach became normal and mundane, as Casanova continued to be unintentionally hilarious every time he was on camera. That is why, to me, Casanova already wins this season of Project Runway.

In a twist, the show took more contestants than usual and this first episode was still part of the competition to even get onto the show for the season. Casanova was confused by this.

The task was for each contestant to take something out of their suitcase. Casanova took out his new, $1070 Dolce & Gabbana pants and was shocked and upset when he learned he was to hand them over to someone else so that person could make another outfit out of it.


In the end, the judges weren't too fond of his piece, but he made it through! Hallelujah, we get to see more of the gem that is Casanova in weeks to come. Sorry if I got your spoiler hopes up.