Derek Paravicini is blind, can't tell one hand from the other, and can't hold a conversation. He can, however, play any song on the piano—from memory—in any key and in any style. His incredible 60 Minutes profile, inside.

Unfortunately, embedding of Paravicini's full profile is currently unavailable, so highlights will have to do. That said, you may watch the full profile on CBS' web site by clicking here.

Here, Leslie Stahl explains Paravicini's unique, dichotomous condition:


Here, Paravicini shows off his unique ability to play any song he's ever heard on the piano from memory, and alter it to fit any key or be played in any musical style:

Here, Paravicini's notable charity works are highlighted, including his visits to the elderly with diseases like Alzheimer's (studies have shown that music is one of the last "things to go" when people lose their memories, and may help spark ones that had already been lost):


And finally, here's Paravicini and Stahl at the conclusion of their time together, during which Paravicini creates a custom tune just for her:

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