Last night's episode of True Blood was boring. For a show that loves to go over the top, this episode felt restrained and weak. That probably has to do with the look into Sookie's mind, which was expectedly lame.

I should have known things would be bad after Lorena died. She caused such great drama on the show. Plus she was one of those fun psychopaths that add a lot to the story. I'll miss that crazy bitch.

Hoyt got all of 2 seconds of screen time, most of which were taken up by his new lady suitor.


After being rescued, Bill repays Sookie by drinking so much of her blood that she ends up in a coma. Sookie has this weird hallucination/dream/out of body experience. I hope if I'm ever in a coma, I don't go to a weird flower power gathering with lame dialog.

So maybe I'm being extra harsh on the episode because of Lorena's demise. I think HBO understood my pain, which is why their True Blood "Post Mortem" focused on her and Bill's tumultuous romance. RIP Lorena, you shall be missed.