The Harpo team has released a trailer for Oprah's "farewell season" before she heads over to cable. If this is what we're in store for, it's going to be a really looong season.

Everyone is a little bit sad that Oprah is leaving behind her syndicated show to focus on her own cable channel, OWN. Based on the trailer, the upcoming season is just going to be Oprah making people cry and re-airing her pearls of wisdom from the past several decades. "Remember that time I had on my best friend Julia Roberts and we laughed? That was awesome. Take a look. Wasn't that great? It's like that time I said to Gayle, 'Gayle, people are only as true as the truth of their inner trueness.' Isn't that amazing?" That is going to be some tedious shit, clearly. As much as most people don't want Oprah to go, we bet by November she's going to have to give everyone a car just to get them to follow her to her new show.