The New York designer suing for control of Facebook says he has evidence gleaned from more than a year's worth of emails with founder Mark Zuckerberg. But the magic mushroom enthusiast might just be tripping.

The designer, Paul Ceglia, has launched a bid for Facebook that gets more bizarre by the day. His claim is that Zuckerberg signed a contract covering freelance work for Ceglia, plus an investment from Ceglia in Facebook. Ceglia just told Bloomberg he has evidence from more than a year's worth of email correspondence with Zuckerberg, a Harvard student at the time of the contract. He also told the financial wire that he had completely forgotten about his contract with Zuckerberg, until he was arrested for fraud (!) and had to go digging through an old file cabinet.

Meanwhile, Forbes has reported that Ceglia pled guilty to felony drug possession in Texas in 1997 after being caught with the equivalent of roughly 200 magic mushroom doses. "People are using mushrooms on a regular basis sometimes have a reduced ability to differentiate between reality and fantasy," an expert tells the magazine. You don't say!


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