In "this economy," we don't have many exports except, apparently, for serial killers. American fugitives William Dathan Holbert and Laura Michelle Reese were arrested in Costa Rica as suspects in as many as nine murders in Panama.

Holbert and Reese have quite a past. The couple operated a series of scams in the U.S.—including one that involved Holbert stealing a $200,000 house that didn't belong to him—before fleeing the country in 2006. Panamanian police got suspicious after officers discovered two bodies near a house that Holbert and Reese were living in under fake names. Their routine, it seems, was to meet someone—mostly fellow Americans in Panama—get to know them, then kill them and sell off their possessions.

The pair was captured while fleeing Panama for Nicaragua, and apparently Holbert has since confessed to the crimes, which includes the murders of seven Americans and two Panamanians. What a way to spread goodwill for America around the globe, huh?