Bill O'Reilly is obsessed with Lady Gaga—this is fact (examples here). Tonight, O'Reilly spent a portion of his show discussing Gaga's refusal to cancel an Arizona show in protest of the state's controversial immigration law. More inside.

[There was a video here]

"The Arizona illegal alien law has now reached the highest level: Lady Gaga!" exclaimed O'Reilly, before playing a clip from Gaga's Phoenix show over the weekend in which she recounted conversations she'd had with fellow musicians who begged her to skip the show in protest.

"Do you really think us dumb fuck pop stars are gonna collapse the economy of Arizona?" said Gaga in the clip broadcast by O'Reilly, noting that—duh—she decided that the show must go on. And how!

Seriously, O'Reilly, we can see your boner through the desk at this point! Not that there's anything wrong with that. Well, obviously there's something wrong with Bill O'Reilly having a boner—namely, the mental image of it—but, if he has to have it for someone, best it be Gaga, right? As long as there isn't a falafel loofah involved, because that whole thing will always be gross. I should take another Vicodin*, yes? I think it's helping my writing!

*I had an emergency appendectomy last week, don't go all Jeff Van Vonderen on me.

[The O'Reilly Factor]