How do you think Gawker.TV did this week in social media? We're up to 2424 Facebook Fans (up 3.77%), 4489 Twitter Followers (up 1.07%) and 1522 Tumblr Followers (up 1.64%).

On Facebook this week, we asked who was your first TV or film crush? We got so many answers ranging from Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street to Captain Planet to Danny Roberts of The Real World: New Orleans of 2000. And yes, even our favorite ex-jailbird, Lindsay Lohan got some love.

On Twitter, Tina Fey's terribly cringe-worthy first commercial from 1995 was retweeted almost as much as Stephen Colbert and Andy Cohen's Epic Real Housewives reenactment.

Speaking of which, a lot of you guys also really liked Colbert and Cohen's reenactment of Kelly and Bethenny's fight on Tumblr, too :

Now let's take a look at Gawker.TV's Intern Social Media Leader Board! Farris is still way far ahead in the lead, with Angelito making his way up to third place, while it looks like Michelle is stuck in a tie, sharing her spot from last week.

1. Emily Farris (242)
2. Lissette Aguilar (175)
3. Angelito Yambao (132)
4. Eleni Crush (127)
5. Henry Baker (110)
6. John Siegel (102)
6. Michelle Cacciatore (102)
8. Emily Chen (101)
9. Chris Dinges (93)
10. Tom Dobrowolski (92)
11. Caroline Newman (82)
12. Erica Hyman (68)
13. James O'Donnell (55)
14. Gene Delsener (24)
15. Andrew Tatreau (12)
16. Tim Torba (10)

Although the top three look pretty solid, who do you think will be at the top of next week's standings?

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