Teachers: they're just like us! When they want to get out of a test, they just pretend they fell down the stairs, then take four days off. And it all would have worked if it weren't for that cursed camera.

Ilene Feldman, a first-year teacher in Brooklyn, had a classroom evaluation coming up. Coincidentally, just before it, she fell down some dang stairs and busted her knee. Or, if you believe investigators and your own lying eyes, she just bent down about four stairs up and teetered off the edge, falling on her butt, on purpose. Or if you believe Ilene Feldman, she stepped on some gum, then "When going to 'check it out,' to see what was on my shoe, I lost my balance and tripped/tumbled/fell down the rest of the stairs," and had to file for four days of injury compensation.

I would have done the same thing, Ilene! Sorry you got caught and forced to resign. But your video is bringing joy to thousands this morning. Kudos. [NYP. Pic: Shutterstock]