"The cops are watching the Internet... you are being federally investigated!" screamed Jessi Slaughter's father on this recording of a recent Tinychat session gone awry. The Internet's most famous 11-year-old is back—and it's ugly. Videos and more, inside.

[There was a video here]

Jessi, it appears, was in a Tinychat room with the username "Jessikill" when her father took notice of the fact that the girl who was beaten up by the Internet just two weeks ago was back at it as if nothing had happened.

After a bit of unintelligible screaming by Jessi, her father and her mother—during which we can hear her father say, "I might go to jail tomorrow!"—things get even more heated.

"Don't unplug that computer!" exclaimed Jessi.

Click to view"You shut your fucking mouth!" responded her father, before a noise that sounds eerily similar to a slap can be heard (video of that particular portion can be found at the bottom of this post). "Don't tell me to come back tomorrow when I might give a fuck!" he continues, before screaming, "Jessica, I don't trust anybody... especially your friends!"

From there, the argument becomes about how "untrustworthy" Jessi's father believes people on the Internet are (gee, I wonder why he would possibly think that), and the two go back and forth about the ages of her e-friends, whether they're truthful about who they are, and things like such as.

After a secondary argument breaks out between Jessi's father and mother, he returns to tell his daughter that, "The Internet's what's got us where we are... Jessica, the cops are watching the Internet right now... they are watching every word you're saying and you keep typing... stop typing!"

Yes, Jessi, please—stop typing. And while your'e at it, tell your father to ground you/unplug your computer/take responsibility for the fact that you're still participating in /b/-related chat rooms while he peers over your shoulder—SOMETHING. Please.

This time, you both dun goofed.

Update: For those interested in debating whether or not Jessi's father may have slapped her during the argument, here's the moment in question by itself:

[There was a video here]

Second Update: If you're unfamiliar with/rusty about the details of the Curious Case of Jessi Slaughter, click here for our video primer/refresher.

Third Update: Intrepid Gawker.com staff writer Adrian Chen did a bit of legwork for me and got in contact with the guy who recorded the chat session. According to him, this incident occurred on July 29.

[YouTube via Reddit]

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