Have you heard the story of Jessi Slaughter, the cautionary tale of an ill-tempered girl with a webcam, her family, and the nefarious minds at 4Chan? Here's everything you need to know about the latest Internet sensation.



This is the Jessi Slaughter (née Leonhardt) video that got her so much attention in the first place. She is reacting to a comment made on the website StickyDrama regarding her favorite band "Blood on the Ground." One of the users of the message board /b/ on 4Chan found the video on YouTube and posted it under the common heading "You Rage, You Lose". 4Chan then proceeded to lose its own challenge by raging all over Ms. Slaughter. They started by friending her on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and, being an 11 year old girl, she accepted them all.

It wasn't long until the girl's real name, address and contact information had spread among the 4Chan, its users proceeding to send do everything from prank calling the girl to getting CraigsList escorts to harass the family. That led to this:



"You Dun Goofed", "Cyberpolice" and "The Consequences Will Never Be The Same" were overnight sensations. Jessi's dad's reaction was exactly what the trolls were going for and, despite his ravings, the attacks did not cease. Escalating to the point of death threats, the family was moved into protective custody. The story was picked up by Good Morning America and they interviewed the family:


The piece makes lots of references to cyberstalking and internet security, but none to 4Chan itself. Is GMA scared the internet's black hole or are they trying not to give credibility to the site? 4Chan was expecting at least some reference because they updated the /b/ frontpage to include "New Rules of Ettiquite" and a continious loop of the GMA theme song.


As for Jessi, despite her turmoil on the internet, she has already started a new YouTube account:


Jessi was captured giving an impromptu followup interview on the mass video chatting site Stickam.