Judges in The Hague have granted supermodel Naomi Campbell's lawyers' request that the media be banned from covering her entering and leaving a courtroom when she testifies at the trial of Liberia's former dictator. There's concern over her safety.

Campbell is testifying this week at the trial of former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, who is accused of crimes against humanity. Why is she there? Well, supposedly Taylor gave her a "blood diamond" when both were spending the night at the home of Nelson Mandela several years ago, and her testimony could link him to using the diamonds to fund illegal activities.

Naomi's camp managed to convince the judges this week that all the media attention could compromise her security. So now they've banned photographers from taking her picture going to and from court. After she punched a camera person for asking her about the case, you'd think it's the photographers that we all had to worry about.

[Image via Getty]