Last night we shared this story about a seven-year-old who is selling paintings for way too much money. One of you put his artwork into a little narrative, and it was very funny.

Commenter SpeedyGonzalas i7 took Kieron Williamson's pictures and told a ranty story about them. We've put the pictures next to Speedy's comment to make it easier to read and that much funnier.

What the fuck? Why would you leave your goddam boat sitting in the fucking river bed like that. Fucking tides came in and the boat is gone as a motherfucker. And you know what I say? I say you're goddamed right I told you so.

Where you left your boat.

Where you left your boat after the fucking tide came in.

You and you ignorant buddy walking home because you lost your boat.

Your house. A long fucking way from where you left/lost your boat.

Stupid former boat owning person."

There you have it people. Don't leave your motherfucking boat in the motherfucking riverbed. Make a note of it.