Blogger Gabrielle Birkner unearthed video of her 1992 Bat Mitzvah, which would be totally boring to watch—except that the DJ was a floppy-haired, pre-fame Paul Rudd, wearing a yellow tux jacket and Doc Martens.

Birkner, who seems to have voluntarily chosen a Today show-themed Bat Mitzvah, says she "took an immediate liking to Rudd" (just like moviegoers everywhere!), and gives him rave reviews for his help:

[He] turned out to be the perfect choice for the event. Rudd, donning a yellow tuxedo jacket, a ruffled shirt, shorts and Doc Martens, ably and energetically led us through all of the bat mitzvah staples: Candle-lighting, Coke & Pepsi, Toasts, limbo, "Hands Up," Challah-cutting and "YMCA." And as the "Today" show-themed bat mitzvah party came to a close, he invited my friends onto the dance floor to sing a moving rendition of "That's What Friends Are For."

Talk about a dinner for schmucks! Am I right?! Because of the movie???