Shaq is back to take on the greatest athletes in the world, whether it be in an athletic competition or not. This week Shaq Diesel decided to test himself on a Nascar track against the legendary Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The episode started with Shaq losing to National Spelling Bee Champion, Kavya Shivashankar in a surprisibgly close contest. Afterwards, the stage was set for Shaq to make his racing debut in what can only be described as yet another close contest. Sure, there were handicaps that favored the 7 foot giant, but a straight up race wouldn't be much of a contest for a seasoned veteran like Jr.

In race 1, Shaq started with a 1 lap lead as per the special handicap discussed before hand. He tried his best, but just couldn't match up against the experience and expertise of Dale Jr.

[There was a video here]

In race 2, both Shaq and Jr. started side by side but Jr. had to take 2 four-tire pit stops, allowing Shaq to make up time mid-race and even hold the lead going into the last lap. But, by being unable to go high on the last straight away, Shaq got dusted by Dale Jr, once again.

It wasn't a surprise that Dale Jr. swept the competition, but Big Shaq Diesel didn't do so bad in his racing debut. A bigger surprise, however, was the effort that it took for Shaq to get through the races, maybe putting an end to the question of whether drivers are actually athletes.

[There was a video here]