South Queens has been the scene of several rowdy, and sometimes deadly, house parties over the last year. So the NYPD has formed a special unit to crash them before they get out of hand. NYPD: Party Crashing Unit.

The Springfield Gardens neighborhood in Queens has seen some house parties turn deadly as residents rent out their backyards for "wild blowouts," and random assholes with guns turn up after reading about the parties on the internet. From the Daily News:

On Saturday, a teenager was killed and another seriously injured after a drive-by shooting at a house party in St. Albans. A shotgun-wielding gunman hit Robinson Lageunesse, 19, in his thigh and died soon after. In May, a junior high school reunion turned deadly when Dane Freeman, 20, was killed and five others were hurt by a lone gunman who fired into a crowd of revelers, officials said.

A spike in incidents like these prompted the police to form the special unit: "Having lived out here, I know how important it is to curb these parties before they get out of hand," Assistant Chief James Secreto told the Daily News. "We have [patrol] cars that monitor these parties." Since the beginning of the year, 1,591 residential noise complaints have been filed in the area. But snitching to the cops about out of control parties can cause problems, too. Like getting shot. District manager for Community Board 13 Lawrence McClean told the paper, "This is not the normal noise complaint. There's a larger potential for conflict."

Advice: Next time you read about an open invite flash mob backyard blowout in Queens on Twitter, don't go.