It's been more than 72 hours now since America's princess Chelsea Clinton got hitched, and you, the little people, are likely going into Chelsea withdrawal. Click through immediately for today's Chelsea news: real estate! Party time! And Jews!

  • The estate where Chelsea got married was listed for $12 million before the marriage; now, it's $13.5 million. They're throwing in the sheets Bill "slept" on, I guess.
  • After the wedding there's the wedding reception, and after the reception was the afterparty, where Chelsea and her man "partied" until 5 a.m., at which time "He carried Chelsea up the stairs and out of the venue," presumably to have intercourse.
  • You know who's raising trouble again? The Jews. According to the NYT, the fact that Chelsea's Jewish husband Marc Mezvinsky married Chelsea, a non-Jew, has "churned up ambivalent reactions among the nation's almost six million Jews." Hey Jews, you don't see Arkansas Baptists acting "ambivalent" about interfaith marriage. They're totally horrified by it, period.

[Photo: AP]