The drama was out in full force tonight on The Real World, when homophobe Ryan actually called the police on Preston for sticking his toothbrush in the toilet. All of the action—plus a recent, reprehensible tweet of Ryan's—inside.

It all started when Ryan became aware that Preston had stuck his toothbrush in the toilet on a previous episode, which made Ryan very, very angry (the irony over the fact that Ryan stuck Preston's cigarettes in his ass on the same day, yet was so upset about the toothbrush, was apparently lost on him). So, he confronted Preston outside of the house:

So, how did Ryan handle all of this? By calling the police on Preston! Because that's totally normal and everything. Here's the call:


The cops then showed up, and it was awkward/hilarious. Ryan's homophobic history was also referenced when Preston told the police that he had acted out after being called a "faggot" by Ryan:

Then, in a weird-as-hell turn of events, Ryan decided to randomly go manic and manhandle Preston:


And finally, the two made up at the end of the episode—or did they? Watch as things seem to be kosher, until Ryan's phone call with his brother reveals that it was all a bunch of BS, and that—worse—he'd been destroying multiple pieces of Preston's property in revenge:

Oh, one more thing. Shortly after the episode aired, Ryan decided to grace us all with his disgusting, reprehensible presence on Twitter, writing the following:

Hey haters- What is the first sign that you're getting A.I.D.S... A hard pounding sensation in your ass.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Ryan Leslie

Are you shaking your head as much as I am right now?