Tennessee candidate Basil Marceaux (Dot Com), who will "immune you from all state crimes for the rest of you life," has an official campain [sic] ad! "Put me in the capitol," says Basil, "so I can do my issues."

Marceaux Dot Com goes up against his Republican gubernatorial primary opponents in today's elections, and it remains to be seen if he can garner votes outside of the "lolz bloc" that has provided him with all of his support so far. But if this "campain" ad can't do it, I fail to see what will. Listen as he explains his plans to rid Tennessee of political corruption:

When I become your governor, I'm going to move the capitol to Chattanooga, Tennessee, at the State Building, where Don Sundquist (?) at his temporary office (?) [trails off] ...so I can clean house, and get rid of all the backroom politics that ruins our politics programs in Tennessee. I'll probably take a year or two.

Very professional, no? Maybe a little... too professional? Wonkette's Marceaux Dot Com beat reporter Jack Steuf got Basil on the phone to ask about the new high-budget feel to the Marceaux Dot Com campain:

it turns out the videos were made by a mysterious "campaign manager" who has signed on with the Basil team. What's going on?

"He has a PhD in uh, umm, digital printing," Basil said.

When asked the name of this campaign manager, Basil got defensive, but eventually gave some information. "I call him James," he said.

Basil said he does know the man's last name: "It's on my e-mail." But Basil can't pronounce it.

Could this mysterious "James" be Jimmy Kimmel, who had Basil on his show the other night? Could be! Except that Kimmel doesn't have a Ph.D. in digital printing, to the best of my knowledge. So it's probably the Masons.