Mauricio Mendez Lopez was discovered by his niece holding a knife and drinking a glass of his roommate's blood after killing him in their Florida home. Is Twilight to blame for all of this?

Mirella Mendez says that when she discovered Lopez, he was holding a knife and a glass coated in blood and the victim, Macario Luna Cruz, was laying on the floor. Lopez laughed, raised the glass in the air, and said, "This is my secret." Actually, it doesn't appear to be a case of vampirism, but something that was inspired by Mexican folklore: Mendez told police that if you drink the blood of the person you kill, you won't be arrested for the crime. It doesn't work, clearly, since Lopez was arrested while walking through Bartow, Fla., on Wednesday night.

If you think the crime is crazy, just wait until you hear the motive. Lopez, 42, and the victim, Cruz, 32, lived together and Cruz was married to one Lopez's nieces. Cruz then started to have an affair with Mendez, who is also Lopez's niece and the sister of Cruz's wife. Got that?

When Lopez discovered the relationship in late July, he threatened to kill them if it didn't stop. On Sunday, Lopez stabbed Cruz's brother and then went to the apartment they shared and killed Cruz. So, how long do you think it will take them to write the Law & Order: SVU script for this one?