Yesterday, the cast of Real Housewives: D.C. appeared on The View, and somehow during an interview that Whoopi Goldberg wasn't even a part of, the host was accused of attacking Michaele Salahi. Both parties plead their case inside.

First up to defend their side of the story was Michaele Salahi. You might not recall her name, as she's better known for being one half of the now-infamous White House Party Crashers. While she denies that it a publicity stunt for Bravo's new season of Real Housewives, it seems strange that this woman could be anything other than a famewhore after her accusations yesterday.

Here, she pleads her case to the mistresses of Today's 4th hour.

[There was a video here]

Next up, at 11am, Whoopi kicked off The View by talking about Michaele's claims. She admits to using "choice words" to the Housewive and uses video from multiple camera angles to back up her story.

[There was a video here]

Judging from these two television appearances, Whoopi seems to have the best case. Somehow, Michaele's case of only knowing Whoopi from Sister Act and not expecting foul words to come from the host's mouth doesn't quite hold up. This time, we're on Team Whoopi.

Curious as to what the rest of Michaele Salahi's Real Housewives cast-mates think of her? They let it all out on The Today Show. Watch the awkward clip here.