Today at Gawker.TV, David Letterman takes a jabs at Brett Favre and Jay Leno, Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon reminisce about their SNL days together, everyone hates Michaele Salahi, and Sofia Vergara won't run down Sunset Boulevard in the buff.

Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon Reminisce About SNL on Late Night
After a brief discussion of Will Ferrell's parenting skills, he and Jimmy Fallon took a stroll down memory lane and revisited their favorite SNL sketches that were cut from the show—all the times Ferrell yelled at little children.

The Rest of the D.C. Housewives are "So Over" Michaele Salahi, Talk Trash to Her Face
After sitting through Michaele Salahi going on about her spat with Whoopi Goldberg, the rest of the Real Housewives of D.C. cast put it all out there—they're sick and tired of hearing about it. Awkward video inside!

Double Whammy: David Letterman Mocks Brett Favre and Jay Leno
On yesterday's Late Show, David Letterman had some choice remarks for retired-but-possibly-not-retired Brett Favre, who may or may not be bluffin' with his muffin. Want a bonus? How about this: Letterman also worked in an anti-Jay Leno joke!

Stephen Colbert Urges America Not to Fear Monkey Terrorists
If it weren't for the Report, none of us would know what to be constantly panicked over. That's why it was so shocking for Stephen to issue a "Threat Standdown" last night over the specter of the monkey taliban.

The Reason Why You Will Never See Sofia Vergara Naked
With the success of Modern Family and its subsequent Emmy nominations, Sofia Vergara told fans she would run down Sunset Boulevard in the nude if they won the Best Outstanding Comedy category. Sadly, some people don't keep their promises.