Want to watch Jersey Shore but don't have anyone to sit and make fun of the cast with? Then step on in and join our live blog. It's just like playing "Shoot the Freak" on Coney Island!

What's shoot the freak? It's this game where you pay $5 to shoot a paintball gun at a guy who runs around and hides behind a shield made out of a garbage can lid. No, there's no point, it's just fun! So our live blog is just like that, but instead of one guy, we have eight guidos, and instead of shooting paintballs, we're hurling quips, insults, and bon mots. It's a blast!

Here's what to do: turn on MTV at 10pm, watch the show, and when you have something funny or interesting to say, put it in the white box below, type it up, and hit "Share." You have successfully launched a paintball right at Snooki's head (figuratively). Once you're done, check out the things that everyone else has said. Keep refreshing the page to see the new comments and the new replies to your comments. See, it's like playing "Shoot the Freak" with a bunch of people you've never met before. Fun!

If you can't think of anything to say, here are some suggestions:

  • We're still getting acquainted with the group's new digs at the Metropole Apartments in Miami. Look for structural features, decorative items, and other things to make fun of. Also, which piece of simple machinery will the cast break next?
  • Place your bets on which will happen first: a fight, a hookup, or Snooki making some sort of historical inaccuracy. If Snooki punches a guy while he tries to kiss her and she calls him "a nasty guy from Miami Vice in the '60s," then everyone wins $100.
  • There should be some sort of systematized Jersey Shore drinking game by now. Let's come up with some rules.
  • Look for crazy words, phrases, or quotes the guidos utter. If you find a good one, I'm going to steal it for my recap tomorrow.

Alright, everyone, get those paintballs full of barbs ready and let's go "Shoot the Freak" down in the comments.