It's only the second episode of the season and already there is a ton of drunken drama on the Jersey Shore. Not surprisingly, it can all be traced back to one source: Angelina. Boozy fisticuffs from tonight's episode inside.

After a night of three-way make out sessions with "grenades," Ronnie (who was clearly high on ecstasy the entire night out if you couldn't tell) got into a fight with Sammi. To make up for his bad behavior, he went to get another tattoo and made her hold his hand for the entire four hours. This seemed to work in paving things over, and now Ronnie, who is clearly a devoutly religious man, has yet another large religious tattoo taking up a large chunk of his torso. Penance served!

Angelina, on the other hand, would not have it so easy. After picking one unnecessary fight after another, she managed to completely alienate herself a few days in. What seemed to start off as a drunken confession of love ended up culminating in a slap across Pauly D's face.


The only thing that outnumbers the fights at this point is the number of blurred out short skirt crotches. Guys, if you start getting this drunk this early on, we'll be bored with you before Labor Day.