Magnus Saethre, "Old Man Mike," is a 97-year-old WW2 veteran who pays $63.29 per month for his one bedroom Sunset Park, Brooklyn apartment. So, naturally, his landlord is trying to kick him out "for the [benefit] of the building's tenants."

According to the Daily News, Old Man Mike moved into the apartment in 1945 just after the end of the war. In 2006 a new landlord, Jack Geula took over and for the last two years has been trying to evict Old Man Mike. Geula says the low rent isn't the reason for trying to evict Old Man Mike, but that his in-home caregiver is a nuisance to the building: "It's for the courts to decide." Tenants told the paper that Geula has tried to evict low income residents from other nearby properties before by shutting off heat and hot water. Classy move! But Old Man Mike won't go down without a fight:

I will stand up and fight him now," said former merchant marine Magnus Saethre, 97, who survived a Nazi U-boat torpedo attack during the war. "I'm scared of nothing."

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