Poor Caroline Giuliani. Arrested for stealing makeup from Sephora on the Upper East Side on Wednesday, she was obviously the victim of inept police work because she was handcuffed. Handcuffed! The daughter of "America's Mayor" deserves better than that.

Caroline allegedly slid $100 worth of makeup into her jacket pocket, which was caught on a security camera. The store didn't want to press charges after learning it was Rudy Giuliani's daughter, but a hero cop happened to be there and called in for backup. The absolutely shocking details of Caroline's arrest, from the Post:

Cops then slapped her with cuffs and hauled her to the station house, where she stewed in a cell before getting a desk-appearance ticket on a petit-larceny charge and a future court date.

She was released to a crowd of waiting reporters and photographers out the front door, instead of being given the option to have a car pull around back and slip her out.

What?! She was cuffed and arrested for taking something from a store without paying for it? And she sat in a jail cell with actual criminals? What kind of world is this we live in where the daughter of a True American Hero is treated like a normal person?

Nobody did her any favors," a police source said. "In fact, it's almost like they went out of their way not to help her."


[Image via AP]