Justin Timberlake and Russell Brand hop on the Simpsons wagon, Rosie O'Donnell heads back to daytime, Ryan and Tatum O'Neal's new reality show, watch for the Kids in the Hall to appear on tonight's episode of The Soup, and more!

From Pleated-Jeans' roundup of 17 Ridiculous Daytime TV Screengrabs.

In TV News...

  • The Kids in the Hall will appear on tonight's episode of The Soup. How can we be sure? Joel McHale tweeted a photo of he & the Kids crew. Fantastic! [Tweet Photo]
  • Justin Timberlake will lend his sexy back to The Cleveland Show this fall. In it, he'll play a gay new love interest for Terry (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) and a musical booger that sings. [TV Squad]
  • Who better to host the Miss America Pageant than the host who referees Bachelors and Bachelorettes as they date their way through 20+ people? And that's just what Chris Harrison will do on January 15th, 2011. [TV Squad]
  • Rosie O'Donnell will head back to Daytime TV, but this time her show will air on Oprah's OWN network. According to Rosie, the show will be "a single topic, hour-long show about life, love and laughter." [Pop Eater]
  • Joining Halle Berry and Ricky Gervais in their Simpsons episode titled "Angry Dad: The Movie" will be Russell Brand. Man, that guy is everywhere these days! [TV Guide]
  • Ryan and Tatum O'Neal will star in a reality show together titled Lost and Found. Because, well, what else can you do with your career once you very publicly make a pass at your own daughter? [TV Guide]
  • Another lady-love for Ted in the upcoming season of How I Met Your Mother has been revealed—Laura Bell Bundy. I don't know who she is, but apparently she played Elle Woods in the Broadway version of Legally Blonde. [TV Squad]
  • CMT, the Country Music Channel, has just announced that they will produce their first scripted show. It's called Working Class and will star Melissa Peterman. [TV Squad]
  • Do you like your zombies lipless and riding bicycles? Here's how the makeup artists on Walking Dead achieved just that. [io9]
  • So, Mary Hart is leaving her job at Entertainment Tonight. But did it have to do with a case of epileptic seizures induced by her voice? [The Wrap]

Around the Web...

  • Seth MacFarlane has signed a record deal, and it's not for a compilation of Family Guy songs. The album is going to be filled with 1940s and '50s show tunes paying tribute to Broadway classics. [The Live Feed]
  • Weezer has another album due out this fall (already?) and the title is going to be Hurley. Possible Lost reference? [NME]
  • Cute, dog-themed thing of the day: Sad Shark Dogs. In honor of Shark Week, get it? [Buzzfeed]
  • Here's an idea I can get behind: Apple should allow 24-hour trial periods for all paid apps. [Gizmodo]
  • What Amazon.com would recommend to the characters on The Office. [Pleated-Jeans]
  • Check out these color photos from 1939, photographed by the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information. [Denver Post]
  • This Sunday, Los Angeles will play host to the Tetris World Championship. Beyond the gameplay, there will be festivities and the whole thing will be filmed for a documentary. [Pop Candy]