Jesse Wasserman was arrested early Thursday morning after allegedly robbing three people in Central Park using a fake gun. Wasserman, it turns out, is a former prep school kid from tony New Rochelle. It's a suburban horror story!

There's still no clue why Wasserman showed up in the Park on Wednesday night for his robbery spree. According to the cops, he was working with an accomplice and the pair would approach their victim, ask for directions, and when the victim was distracted, Wasserman would pull a fake gun and his partner would take their possessions. They got a wallet, some jewelry, a few credit cards, a bike, and other sundry items. Cops caught him an hour or so later and all three victims identified him as the crook. And although he was arrested with another man, because no one could finger him as Wasserman's accomplice, he was let go.

It's not like Wasserman was hurting for money. He is a former student of the elite Vermont Academy and his mother is a respected psychologist. Looks like she'll have her work cut out for her working on her own son!

[Image via NY1]