The Way We Live Now: shedding—shedding jobs, like a thick fur coat sloughing off in the summer's heat. You don't want our economy to sweat, do you? Not to worry: a little perspective will turn that frown upside down!

We learned long ago from some wise person or another that it's not what happens to you, it's the fact that you don't get all sad about it, you know? Yes, you could look at the terribly slow pace of employment gains and the subsequent stock plunge and collapse of your pension and say to yourself, "Oh, maybe I should just give up on finding a 'real job' here in America and just go ahead and move to Russia...except Russia is crippled by drought, so screw it."

That is the negative way to look at it. Or—or!—you could look at the situation through Successomatic™ lenses. In which case you would say "Hey, my local government still provides me with part of a school year and a few streetlights. There are plenty of houses to be had, cheap. It is now time for me to execute my Successomatic™ plan for the future."

And then what you do is you add cosmetic surgery to your already-flourishing OB-GYN practice, cause that's really where the money is these days.

Follow this plan and you cannot lose.

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