Fantastic Max was one weird kid. First of all, he had the haircut of a gutterpunk, second of all he fought crime without even underpants on. This kid was battling space-evil by embracing an alternative lifestyle during his terrible-twos, WTF?!

If you are a child of the eighties, you remember this cartoon... but looking at it now, you have to ask yourself: Why was this on the air? Why was this kid launched out into space to save the universe? Why was his dirty diaper so f'ing powerful? Was it the pure stench, or was it something more? Maybe he had deformed genitals? I don't want to know, but I'll never forget the baffling theme song, which includes the lyrics, "I laughed until I cried." The truth is I cried until I laughed.

The same production company came up with another weird=as-all-hell cartoon series called Superted. A super teddy bear isn't such a strange concept, but why in Gods name was he brought back to life by "the spotted man" and then granted super powers by "Mother Nature?"

So these cartoons are Wales' big contribution to the Saturday Morning legacy, any Welshmen want to explain this stuff to me? If so, I'll be glad to go into rigorous details as to why Huckleberry Hound and Fred Flintstone are exercises in profundity.