Marek Rosin is the latest victim of what Montana authorities believe is a lone black bear that breaks into homes and raids freezers looking for food. Rosin found the bear in his kitchen eating a frozen pizza at 1:30 am.

Shawn Stewart, a biologist from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department believes the same black bear is responsible for at least 21 break-ins in south central Montana in recent weeks because of the animal's trademark: raiding freezers and refrigerators. "It's fairly widespread," he says. When Marek Rosin woke up around 1:30 in the morning recently he saw the bear, which had apparently pushed open the back door to his home. He told the Billings Gazette:

He was about four feet from me with his head in the freezer munching on a pizza," Rosin said. "It was almost comical if it wouldn't have been that close."

So far, the bear believed to be behind the break-ins has avoided traps and remains on the loose. As long as the animal stays sharp it should be able to avoid ending up in ZooMontana, or worse, like these guys.

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