People got shot all over America this weekend! Which is bad, but not as crazy as the massive brawl in the DC subway system. Which was bad, but not as crazy as the lady run over by 11 trains.

  • Fifty shots went off in Harlem yesterday after shooting broke out after a fight at a party, and then cops calmed it all down by shooting the shooter 20 times, for safety. This was one day after 20 people were shot in the city over Friday night and Saturday morning. Twenty! God damn.
  • And what was happening in DC, our neighbor to the south, on Friday night? Oh, just a brawl on the Metro that started in one station, moved onto train, and spilled out into another station, involving 70 "battling youths...terrifying other riders and causing a stampede." Seventy! That's a lot.
  • Four people were shot and one killed when gangs opened fire on a summer block party in Chicago.
  • In L.A.? You know they were murdering people in L.A. all week.
  • A new investigation found that last march, 25 year-old Arabell Lin fell between the cars on a moving N train, but the train operator who got out to investigate didn't see her, so he simply continued on his way. "Then 10 more trains also ran over her, according to a shocking report."

Is it the heat? It's the heat. (Mostly?).
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