A new study shows that more young girls are reaching puberty at very young ages—a significant portion of them by the age of seven. What's going on in this crazy mixed-up world? Are stereotypes to blame?

The new study published in Pediatrics today shows that the onset of puberty is creeping earlier and earlier among all groups of young women—though rates vary hugely by race:

Among 7-year-olds, about 10% of whites, 15% of Hispanics and 23% of blacks have some breast tissue. Among 8-year-olds, the numbers grew to 18% of whites, almost a third of Hispanics and half of blacks.

That rate for white girls appears to have doubled in just the past decade; the increase among girls of other races is not as high. We blame rap music.

Kidding! We blame childhood obesity, which is what scientists also theorize may be causing the change, along with "substances in the environment." Yea, substances like American Apparel ads. At this rate, all you conservative Christians will be dressing your girls in hijabs within the next three years.

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