Nurses: can you trust them? Of course not. Don't be a fool. Sure, they may save your life; but if you think they're not going to gossip about you on Facebook afterwards, you're naive. It's been documented!

The LA Times reports on the alarming trend sweeping the nation, of people talking about work, on Facebook. But these "people" are hospital workers! And they're talking about you!

And it's not just secret intimate details about your butt, which, come on, could be pretty funny. It's also more serious things. Like when 60 year-old William Wells showed up at a California hospital with vicious, fatal stab wounds:

Instead of focusing on treating him, an employee said, St. Mary nurses and other hospital staff did the unthinkable: They snapped photos of the dying man and posted them on Facebook...nurses and staff posted a photograph of Wells on their public Facebook accounts for about two days before fellow staffers reported them to hospital officials, according to an employee who saw the photo and Facebook posts. Hospital staffers also circulated the photo in text messages.

Stop that.

[LAT. Pic: Shutterstock]