It's disturbing when a tough economy and lack of post-college employment prospects lead America's young people (our greatest asset, next to nuclear weapons) down the wrong road. The road to church. Why won't god stop this madness?

USA Today reports that America's youth, buffeted by economic forces beyond their control, told repeatedly that their chances for success are poor, and bombarded with confusing mixed messages from the media and society, have now become easy marks for charismatic "role models" who go by the name of "Jesus people." Youngsters are being "converted" into drone-like carnival barkers who, in turn, use their own "cool" image to bring other young Americans under their spell. It's a vicious cycle. The result: more and more of our youngest and most vulnerable citizens are being persuaded to enroll in "divinity school," a sort of training camp in which they're indoctrinated into the methods of the cult.

For the past 10 years, the estimated median age of candidates for master of divinity degrees has fallen steadily, from 34.14 in 1999 to 32.19 in 2009... That marks a reversal: From 1989 to 1999, the estimated median age had climbed steadily

Why, lord, why? Could it be that these twentysomethings are on drugs? Sadly, no.

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