In a crazy story that seems to come from a nerdy Lost fan's greatest dreams, Weezer has named their 8th album "Hurley," and will feature Jorge Garcia's face on the album cover. This news, and more—inside!

In TV News...

  • Unfortunately for us, Weezer's "Hurley" album won't feature any songs or lyrics based on Lost. [Spinner]
  • Entourage will come to an end next summer, but don't worry—there might still be a movie. [FilmDrunk]
  • Jane Lynch will host Saturday Night Live on October 9th. The comedy gods are smiling upon us today! [TV Squad]
  • Meet the new cast of Survivor: Nicaragua. Just like the rumors claimed, the season will divide the cast into two teams: old people versus the young. [TV Squad]
  • No surprise here, TLC will make a "Real Housewives" of their own—with polygamist sisters in Utah! It's called Sister Wives, and follows the life of your average, normal polygamist family. [Warming Glow]
  • The next season of America's Next Top Model will feature a contestant named Ann, who's 6'2" and has an 18-inch waist. What will Tyra Banks have to say about that?! [Oh No They Didn't]
  • The Fabulous Beekman Boys has been renewed for a second season. The season will feature 11 new episodes, and will return in 2011. [Planet Green]
  • Will Arnett and Amy Poehler gave birth to another boy, Abel James Arnett. Here's hoping Abel grows up to be a comedic legend. [USA Today]
  • Six questions with Dexter's James Remar. Or for the girls, Samantha's bad ex-boyfriend from Sex & the City. [TV Done Wright]
  • Speaking of the show that broke my heart, here's 12 Lost theories that are better than the actual end result of the show. [io9]
  • Yes, everyone hates on Entourage lately. Here's 8 reasons to continue watching the show. [Funny or Die]
  • The Teen Choice Awards will air tonight, but that doesn't mean it's actually live. Here's a roundup of all the Red Carpet arrivals from the show's taping. [Oh No They Didn't]

Around the Web...

  • This update of Where's Waldo is pretty fantastic. Instead of the be-speckled wanderer, you must search for Sad Keanu. [9gag]
  • Foursquare has opened a new store full of t-shirts, stickers, and things that any geek would truly enjoy. [Foursquare Store]
  • The Flanders family (from The Simpsons) plus Black Flag equals... [lolebrity]
  • 10 relationships that have been completely destroyed by the internet. [Oddee]
  • What's the big business behind facebook? This entertaining infographic spells it all out. [Online Programs]
  • Have you seen the awful photo shoot from Vouge Italia? The "oil and water" theme depicts models writhing in old-filled beaches. In poor taste! [Jezebel]
  • MTV hired their first-ever twitter jockey. Unfortunately, it wasn't anyone that I know who entered, but a girl named Gabi Gregg. OK! [MTV]
  • What in the... Simon Cowell trimmed his chest hair. I guess it's better than the guy in my high school that shaved an arrow pointing towards his man-parts, but still... [TMZ]
  • Win a dinner date with Andrew WK and: PARTY TIL YOU PUKE! GET READY TO DIE! TAKE IT OFF! Have a FUN NIGHT! I could go on, but you get the idea. [Celebuzz]