A Van Halen Reunion in 2011 is Unnecessary

Break out the Marlboro Reds and warm beer, because Van Halen is back. Right now the original members are "in the studio recording an album with [David Lee] Roth" that should be out next year. Somewhere, Sammy Hagar is crying.

The band reunited several years ago with Roth, so this isn't exactly a surprise. But this latest get together for the band is totally unnecessary. The band can no longer fit into spandex outfits, David Lee Roth's signature mane has been replaced with a hay-like rug, and really, haven't they already served their purpose (25 years ago)? How many aging men looking to relive their glory days as a suburban pyromaniac tween can they really hope to attract?

Here's a fan-shot video of Van Halen playing "Jump" on their 2007 reunion tour in Las Vegas. Hint: It's not pretty.



[Image via Getty]