Break out the Marlboro Reds and warm beer, because Van Halen is back. Right now the original members are "in the studio recording an album with [David Lee] Roth" that should be out next year. Somewhere, Sammy Hagar is crying.

The band reunited several years ago with Roth, so this isn't exactly a surprise. But this latest get together for the band is totally unnecessary. The band can no longer fit into spandex outfits, David Lee Roth's signature mane has been replaced with a hay-like rug, and really, haven't they already served their purpose (25 years ago)? How many aging men looking to relive their glory days as a suburban pyromaniac tween can they really hope to attract?

Here's a fan-shot video of Van Halen playing "Jump" on their 2007 reunion tour in Las Vegas. Hint: It's not pretty.

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