Leo DiCaprio: Kate's Husband Told Us How to Have Sex

As the Winslet-Mendes marriage fell apart, Kate "freaked out" over her Mendes-directed sex scenes with Leonardo. Snooki on sobering up in jail: "It happens to the best of us." Tuesday gossip is a matter of opinion.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio on filming Sam Mendes-directed sex scenes with Kate Winslet in the months before the Mendes-Winslet divorce: "It was certainly a difficult time. She was really worried that Sam wasn't bothered by the fact that his wife was making out with another guy right in front of her. I told her it was only acting, but she kept on saying, 'This is really weird.' When Sam started telling her exactly how to have sex with me, she didn't like it at all. She was freaking out because she was supposed to be having sex with her best friend—me—while her husband directed it." Though I find it hard to believe that Kate would be anything other than professional, I also don't think Leo would lie, and Sam's rumored dalliances might put the scene into a different emotional context? Conclusion: Working with loved ones = Treacherous. [SMH, image via Getty]

  • "I'm too pretty to be in jail," said America's orange-skinned court jester Snooki, about her recent arrest for being a drunken floozy in public. "I don't know why people are taking it so seriously. I had a couple cocktails and they just put me in a drunk tank to sober me up. I was on the beach. It happens to the best of us, and I'm not planning on going back to jail ever again. I was a public nuisance—big deal!" Being a pubic nuisance is her job, after all. (Which technically makes it a "big deal," in terms of contract negotiations, right?) "You can't even contain me," she concludes. [MTV]

  • Mere weeks after filing for divorce from his second wife, beauty queen Camille Donatacci, Kelsey Grammer is "deeply in love" with a new babelicious blonde, who might be pregnant. [P6]

  • The music video that doomed Levi Johnston's relationship with Bristol Palin—"After Love" by Brittani Senser, daughter of former Minnesota Viking Joe Senser—depicts Levi "threatened by his lover's mother... the girl's mother uses a police officer to arrest Levi and drag him to an empty parking lot where she conronts him and forces him to open a mysterious manila envelope." He opens it and blanches. He calls off the relationship. What's Levi trying to tell us? Did Sarah Palin blackmail him? How will this affect Levi's run for mayor of Wasilla? (Which is, by the way, pure genius. Running for mayor is the one action Levi can take that will force a response from the Palins. Besides shorting out on child support, that is.) Tune in to The Wasilla Hillbillies next week to find out. These are the Wasillans of our lives. [TMZ]

  • Meanwhile, Levi tried to meet Sandra Bullock at the Teen Choice Awards. Sandra's reported response: "Get him away from me." [Popeater]

  • Hugh Grant took a "gaggle of gorgeous girls" to a private screening of short film Trophy Wife. I wonder if the subject matter made anyone feel uncomfortable. [P6]

  • Nattering hall monitor to the blogosphere, Gossip Cop, is taking the paparazzi to task for an "upskirt" of Tori Spelling's toddler daughter. Said "upskirt" would be breathtakingly terrible were it not for the fact that the real photo shows a two-year-old sitting on the ground with her diaper showing. Who the hell sees a diaper and classifies it as sexual content? Often, "porn in the eye of the beholder" arguments are bullshit. (See: Hilton, Perez.) But in this case, I'm inclined to believe those who take offense to the diaper are, in fact, the creepy ones. [GossipCop, DailyMail]

  • Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson have called off their engagement. "It just wasn't working out," perhaps because she lives in L.A. and he lives in Canada. [People]

  • Mark Ruffalo stole the role of the Incredible Hulk from his friend Ed Norton (who played the Hulk in the self-titled 2008 movie) for upcoming movie The Avengers. "We feel like it's our generation's Hamlet," said Ruffalo, "and we're all going to get a crack at it." Whereas previous generations contemplated mortality in iambic pentameter, our generation's great dilemma is anger management, contemplated in the form of a preverbal roar. Yeah, that sounds about right. [P6]

  • Ke$ha has a new boyfriend, an Australian drummer named Alex Carapetis who once toured with Nine Inch Nails, and with whom she likes to make out in public. They are contemplating matching tattoos. [E!]

  • Prince Albert of Monaco was at a party an wanted to leave, so the host sent Lionel Richie over to beg him to stay, then offered to donate $1 million "to your favorite charity" if Albert didn't leave. I wish my peer pressure was that glamorous. [P6]

  • At an event for Asian-American journalists, Lisa Laura Ling—the Current TV journalist who North Korea captured and imprisoned last year—deadpanned, "I haven't been in a room with this many Asians since..." Her audience sat for a moment in shocked silence, then laughed—hopefully uproariously, but perhaps just nervously. Update: Oops, I misstated with Ling sister it was. Laura is the one who was in North Korea, not Lisa. [P6]

  • A pair of actors named Jonathon Schaech and Jana Kramer divorcing after one month of marriage. Since I still don't know who these people are, it is safe to assume any marriage-related PR gambits failed. [Us]