Of all the truly awful people on reality shows, Joey's attitude toward women might make him the worst. This guy went on Dating in the Dark with his insane notion that girls must weigh under 100 pounds to be hot.

Needless to say, his views would come back to bite him in the end. However, Joey's first impressions weren't so bad. In fact, he really got along with Natasha during their first date. I'm sure you can expect how this story turns out, so just try not to cringe when she exclaims "Joey or bust—I'm in love!"


Despicable, right? Well, it's gets worse. The housemates discover that they've been pre-matched based upon compatibility with someone in the house and Natasha and Joey are to go on another date. How does this dick kick off the date? By feeling up Natasha from head to toe—just to make sure she's not fat.

But oh, it gets worse. He explains his concerns about her figure, and admits that he thought she was "a floater" after their first date. He launches into a story about an ex-girlfriend who was thin, but then "after four or five months got comfortable and blew up like a tick." So chubby, apparently, he was unable to make love to her anymore. Next, he launches on a diatribe about how it's rare to find a skinny girl that doesn't have a "heavy" past and that he simply doesn't want a girl he dates to get fat again. What does Natasha think? "For awhile there, I thought I was being punked." So did we.

The most ridiculous part of all is that, despite that horrible reaction Natasha had to his horrible words, Joey had no clue. When Natasha chose not to see him again, he assumes it's because she liked another dude.


His parting words of wisdom? "Next for me [is] five-foot-two and under, and you gotta be 100 pounds. And I'll let you gain the 10 [pounds.] Peace out, Dirty Jerz is done." Peace out to you, too Joey! We hope we never see you on television again.