Justin Bieber, bottle-assaulted teen fever causer, has decided to lend his considerable endorsement power to the Proactiv brand of acne acids. Pursuant to that, he has filmed a television commercial promoting the patented skin salve. It's pretty EXTREME.

Look, b-ball! That's Canadian street slang for baskets-ball, a peach-related throwing game invented recently in Springfield. All the Canadian ruffians enjoy rigorous games of baskets-ball. And we all know what a streetwise ruffian Justin Bieber is! Other than that, the Biebs talks about how he really likes his raging hormones — yes, girls, Justin Bieber is pretty into his boners these days! — and about how Proactiv is "pretty chill." That's true. Proactiv rarely harshes a mellow or gets all buzzkilly. Proactiv can just, like, hang. Proactiv is assuredly the chillest.

HERE'S SOMETHING: Is that really how Justin Bieber talks now? How exactly does he have a southern crunk accent? In case you didn't get it earlier: He's from Canada. You know, where Drake is also from? (Yeah, Aubrey Graham from Degrassi — "that Jimmy got shot!" — I've got your number.) Do you think it's too late to change him back, that this is how he'll talk forever now? It's very mystifying. Ah well.

Proactiv: PUT IT ON

[via Vulture]