Shakespalin dared to stand up to a critic today and met questions about her time as mayor with "protecting the Constitution." In similarly laughable news, Levi has announced a Wasilla mayorship bid.

[There was a video here]

When the Levi breaks, mama you've got to move. Surely this has to be an indirect slap in the elder Palin's face. First he and Bristol announce that they will not be getting married, then he decides he can do her old job better. This is an oddly Freudian attempt to assert a more prominent role in Bristol's life, yet for some reason he's chosen to go after Bristol's mother instead of her father. Perhaps Levi has recognized alpha dog in the Palin household and has decided he has what it takes to make a mountain man leave his home.

But Palin herself is a whole other matter. When you're going down south and there's no work to do and you're going on to Chicago to make a name for yourself, it only makes sense that some people might complain. A civil disagreement among honest, hard-working Americans isn't the news here, but the look between Bristol and Sarah is definitely an issue. Indeed, how dare teachers educate the youth about important things like mathematics, geography or the Constitution. Those pinko-commie scum have been raising and inspiring children to love America and make terrible decisions like running for Congress or Mayor for years. A hex on all of them, their multiple jobs and their blue-collar love of integrity and education.

At least Palin had her body guards to keep her safe from reckless video cameramen. It must be odd to have men ruin the shots that she usually seems to pine for. Perhaps they have to escort her because this reality show will be a change from representing America back to representing Alaska. Hopefully she doesn't feel bad trying to find her way home but not knowing which way to go, not understanding her former constituents.

Crying won't help you, Sarah. Praying won't do you no good.

Oh, well; oh, well; oh, well.