Last night's Obsessed featured Al and his two daughters, Jodi and Tammy, who suffer from agoraphobia—the fear of open, public spaces. In their cases, the father-daughter trio can't leave their small town in Florida.

According to the show, agoraphobia can be genetic and triggered by a traumatic event. In Al's case, his came about after nearly being struck by lightning. In this clip, we see what challenges his phobia has brought to his marriage. Also, not to sound insensitive, but do you think that he uses it as an excuse to get out of things on his honey-do list?


Jodi and Tammy became agoraphobic in their teen years, after a car accident. Due to their fears, Jodi can't be with her five-year-old son at the hospital while he receives treatment for a kidney disorder, and Tammy won't be able to visit her daughter at college.

With cognitive therapy, all three family members gradually gather the courage to venture out of their safe zones. Can I get a CHOO-CHOO, and an amen in here?