Forget Old Spice deodorant—the best way to get laid is to tote around an iPhone, especially if you happen to be female. And while iPhone users are screwing like rabbits, Blackberry and Android users appear to relatively chaste.

The bragging rights for iPhone users come courtesy of dating website OkCupid, which crunched data on 9,785 users who took their profile pictures with smart phones to come up with the numbers. The first graph below features data exclusively for 30 year-olds, while the second graph covers a wide variety of ages.

The result: iPhone users have more sex than Blackberry users, who in turn get it on more than Android owners. Female iPhone users are the big winners, with an average of 12.3 sexual partners. Compare that to 10 sexual partners for male iPhone owners, and a mere 6 partners for Android owners of both genders. As OkCupid says, it's "statistical proof that iPhone users aren't just getting fucked by Apple."(Perhaps they meant to say AT&T?)

No smart phone? No problem. OkCupid's study also reveals that more complex cameras take more attractive pictures. Panasonic's Micro camera takes ultra-sexy snaps, but steer clear of Nikon's Coolpix unless you want to be ignored by your fellow OkCupid users. And don't even think of snapping yourself on a Motorola phone.

The bottom line: the more you shell out on your gadgets, the more bounteous your rewards.

Republished with permission from Authored by Ariel Schwartz.