A group of Mormons has created an ad campaign apparently designed to convince Americans that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not that weird and Mormons are kind of cool, sometimes. Want to see the ads?

The TV spots, most of which follow the same M. Night Shyamalan format where engaging, articulate people discussing their lives before a TWIST ENDING where they reveal that they're Mormons, are officially unconnected to the LDS church (and the Mitt Romney campaign, for that matter). The idea is that you will see this campaign, and the good-looking Mormon NASA engineers and artists and what have you who star in it, and the next time you go to your Klan rally you will think twice about including Mormons on your "enemies" list.

Here are some of the long versions of the spots, detailing the completely normal lives of an artist, a singer, and a skateboard, who just happen to be normal:

The ads are currently showing in a bunch of mid-sized cities including Baton Rouge, Colorado Springs, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Tucson and Minneapolis.

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